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Exhaust Repairs

Mettam's Mufflers Perth Exhaust Repairs & Replacements

It all begins with a free inspection and quote. Once we have identified the problem we can complete most exhaust and muffler repairs in around 20 minutes to get you back on the road quicker! 


You'll get a free inspection and quote.


Most exhaust repairs and replacements completed in around 20 minutes.




At Mettam's Mufflers, it's less expensive than you think.


Quality products, quality parts, quality fitting - guaranteed for 2 years.


Largest range of exhaust and muffler parts, the lowest price in Perth.



So why has your Exhaust system failed?

The most common reason for any exhaust system to breakdown is general wear and tear. Over the years your exhaust system has been subjected to extreme temperatures and poisonous gases which over time have broken down parts of your exhaust system. Most of the time you simply need to replace a muffler or tailpipe but sometimes the damage can extend right the way through the exhaust system.



(Or come into of our three locations shown below)

Mettams Locations

yes! you can drive into your closest store and get repairs done in as little time as 20 minutes.

Midland Store

181 Great Eastern Highway Midland
Phone: 9274 5066

Morley Store

21 Rudloc Rd Morley
Phone: 9275 7034